A Rip Van Winkle

A Rip Van Winkle appeared in the Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan) on 20 May 1870. I will need to do a little research to determine if the saloon-keeper was prosecuted or not. I do wonder if those young men ever consumed a large stock of “critter” ever again.

A Rip Van Winkle. – Tuesday morning, several young men went up the river for a day’s sail, taking along a good supply of cigars and a large stock of critter. Getting as far as Belle Isle, they concluded to go ashore for a shady time, and accordingly tied up to the bank. The liquor put up for them was prepared for the occasion by a saloon-keeper, who is somewhat of a joker. After taking a drink or two, each one of the party began to feel sleepy, but fought against the feeling until they had nearly demolished the stock, when they stretched their limbs for a gentle nap. It was about eleven o’clock when they went to sleep, and the first one did not open his eyes until four o’clock on Wednesday afternoon, and they scarcely had energy to get into their boat and return to the city. Their bones ached, their heads ached, each one had a cold in his head, and a lawyer was yesterday consulted to see if the saloon-keeper could be prosecuted for drugging the liquor.

A Rip Van Winkle. The Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan), 20 May 1870, p. 1, col. 3.