A Narrow Escape

A NARROW ESCAPE. — Yesterday as Arthur Gore and a couple of friends were duck hunting near the foot of Belle Isle, a shot gun lying between Mr. Gore’s knees accidentally exploded. Fortunately no one was injured, and the only damage done was the tearing away of a portion of the gunwale of the boat.

From The Detroit Free Press, 22 April 1868, Wednesday

Making Friends

During his frequent walks about Belle Isle, John Kay, well-known Detroiter, makes friends with the tame squirrels which approach him in expectation of a peanut treat. – J.S. Milligan From The Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan), Sunday 2 March 1930, Page 89

Fox, Lassoed by Police, Added to Belle Isle Zoo

Again the Conner Police Station has made a contribution to the Belle Isle Zoo. This time it is a fox, captured by Patrolmen Marvin Johnson and Virgil Bessenger in the back yard of Harry P. Stone, of 6380 Marcus Ave.

Stone called the Conner Station early Friday and asked that something be done about an animal in his back yard. Officers Johnson and Bessenger lassoed it, identified it as a fox and sent it to the zoo.

Two years ago patrolmen of the Conner Station captured a deer running loose in their precinct and turned it over to the zoo.

From The Detroit Free Press, 13 March 1997