Memorial Day

City to Honor Its War Dead on Thursday This article appeared in The Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan), 26, May 1946, highlighting Memorial Day services held in Detroit; the first peacetime Memorial Day in five years. Detroit will honor its war dead Thursday, first peacetime … Continue reading Memorial Day

D.M. Ferry & Company

View of the cover of the 1908 seed annual for D.M. Ferry & Company, depicting the conservatory on Belle Isle with pansies in foreground. Printed on front: “1908 seed annual. D.M. Ferry & Co., seedsmen, Detroit, Mich. Horticultural Building, Belle Isle Park, Detroit.”

Photograph courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library.

Sunday Amusement

SUNDAY AMUSEMENT. — There will be the usual excursion to Belle Isle to-day, and besides the other attractions, an open air brass band concert. This is becoming quite a place of resort. On Tuesday evening a ball will be given at the same place, under a large pavilion.

From The Detroit Free Press, 12 June 1870, Sunday, Page 1

CAPSIZED Near Belle Isle

CAPSIZED. — On Thursday afternoon, about three o’clock, a party of four gentlemen were out sailing in a yacht, near Belle Isle, when a sudden squall struck the boat, and capsized her. The accident came near resulting in the death of the yachtmen, as they remained in the water, hanging to the sides of the boat for half an hour, when they were rescued from their perilous situation by Addison Moffat.

From The Detroit Free Press, 26 May 1866, Saturday, Page 5

A Narrow Escape

A NARROW ESCAPE. — Yesterday as Arthur Gore and a couple of friends were duck hunting near the foot of Belle Isle, a shot gun lying between Mr. Gore’s knees accidentally exploded. Fortunately no one was injured, and the only damage done was the tearing away of a portion of the gunwale of the boat.

From The Detroit Free Press, 22 April 1868, Wednesday