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CAPSIZED Near Belle Isle

CAPSIZED. — On Thursday afternoon, about three o’clock, a party of four gentlemen were out sailing in a yacht, near Belle Isle, when a sudden squall struck the boat, and capsized her. The accident came near resulting in the death of the yachtmen, as they remained in the water, hanging to the sides of the boat for half an hour, when they were rescued from their perilous situation by Addison Moffat.

From The Detroit Free Press, 26 May 1866, Saturday, Page 5

Hello Jenkins

Postmarked August 24, 1937 to Mr. & Mrs. B. Jenkins of Plymouth, Pennsylvania, this postcard features the long gone Lagoon and Mound on Belle Isle. Once a popular attraction – with a tunnel through the middle of the mound, a waterfall feature on one side, … Continue reading Hello Jenkins

Miss Charlotte Esque

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This postcard addressed to Miss Charlotte Esque of Portland, Tennessee, was sent from Charles H. Meyers of 3316 Wabash Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, on 25 may 1925. He writes about receiving “the box of strawberrys” from Charlotte. It is worth noting that Portland, Tennessee is considered the Strawberry Capitol and just celebrated its  76th Annual Festival in 2016. They are already making plans for the 2018 Strawberry Festival.

Just a card to let you know that we received the box of strawberrys with your address on and will say they were fine. Send me some more like them. Would like to hear from you. Good by. Charles H. Meyers

Miss Grace Fenton

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This postcard from 1911 was postmarked June 2 from Detroit, Michigan. Addressed to Miss Grace Fenton c/o F.N. Arbaugh Company, her friend Flo drops her a line regarding her doings in Detroit.

“I am having good time, am going to Bob-lo tomorrow for a boat ride. Jessie is well and happy.” – Flo