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1936: Miss Ruth Pittman

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Postmarked 30 June 1936 and addressed to Miss Ruth Pittman of Cincinnati, Ohio from Mrs. Beardslee.

“Hello Ruth: Well here is Detroit. Having a lovely vacation enjoy every min. of it. Love, Mrs. Beardslee”


1952: Mrs. Gertrud Frohner

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Postmarked 26 February 1952, Detroit, Michigan

This postcard is addressed to Mrs. Gertrud Frohner of Rochester, New York and is written in German.  Any translators out there?

It appears the card is from her husband, Walter.

The 1952 Rochester City Directory shows the couple living at the address listed on the postcard.

1952 City Directory Frohner
*Rochester  City Directory, 1952

The 1930 United States Federal Census indicates that Walter was a machinist at a camera manufacturer. Gertrude was born about 1907 and  Walter was about 1900, both in Germany.

Walter died in 1977 and Gertrud died in 1981.

1943: Mr & Mrs Laurier Dupont


Postmarked 6 August 1943 and addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Laurier Dupont of Gartland, Maine from Cousin Gertrude.

Gertrude writes:

“Dear Cousins, Still can’t believe we are way out here. Its just like a dream. Having a wonderful time and enjoying every minute of our trip. Everyone has been so nice to us, especially Alfred and the Sarecy’s. Expect to leave Monday for Hartland. How’s everyone and the baby? The best I hope. Will see you soon. Take care. Cousin Gertrude.”

Laurier and Marie Irene [Parent] Dupont were married 9 May 1942 in Maine. Laurier was in the Army from 19 January 1941 to 13 November 1945 and must have married while on leave.


1940: Miss Audrey Camp

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Postmarked 6 August 1940 and addressed to Miss Audrey Camp c/o Gorgas Bakery in Delaware, Ohio.

Helen writes:

“Wed – 7 P.M. – Hello. We are over here at Belle Isle this P.M. seeing the sights – are they wonderful. Oh Boy – took some pictures of all this. Will see you soon. Love, Helen”