Lovers Quarrel

Discouraged because of a quarrel with his sweetheart, Thomas Newton shot himself through the heart yesterday afternoon. He was found in a semi-conscious condition near the new canal at the upper end of Belle Isle by a park policeman about 3:30 o’clock and was taken to Belle Isle police station. After temporary treatment he was taken to St. Mary’s hospital. Last night he was reported in a dying condition.

Newton at first refused to give his name or address, but when told he could not live until morning he asked for a priest. He first said that a man named Ray shot him while trying to take his money. Later he admitted shooting himself with a Flobert rifle. Newton is 21 years old. His mother is a missionary worker living in Spokane, Wash. Newton has been living at cheap downtown hotels, and left two suitcases at the Waverly hotel, 225 Jefferson avenue, yesterday morning when he went to Belle Isle. He refused to give the name and address of his sweetheart or give details about the quarrel.

From The Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan), Tuesday, 22 March 1910, Page 5