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Arrested Again

Roy Saunders, a 9-year-old lad who has a strong tendency to be incorrigible, was locked up at the central station last night on suspicion, it being claimed that he drove away with a load of potatoes belonging to a peddler. The lad’s mother and step-father … Continue reading Arrested Again

Making Friends

During his frequent walks about Belle Isle, John Kay, well-known Detroiter, makes friends with the tame squirrels which approach him in expectation of a peanut treat. – J.S. Milligan From The Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan), Sunday 2 March 1930, Page 89

Fox, Lassoed by Police, Added to Belle Isle Zoo

Again the Conner Police Station has made a contribution to the Belle Isle Zoo. This time it is a fox, captured by Patrolmen Marvin Johnson and Virgil Bessenger in the back yard of Harry P. Stone, of 6380 Marcus Ave.

Stone called the Conner Station early Friday and asked that something be done about an animal in his back yard. Officers Johnson and Bessenger lassoed it, identified it as a fox and sent it to the zoo.

Two years ago patrolmen of the Conner Station captured a deer running loose in their precinct and turned it over to the zoo.

From The Detroit Free Press, 13 March 1997

Sunday Sunshine Smacks of Spring

Even a Few Pioneers Are Seen in Garb for Easter Wear

Approach of Skating Season’s End Draws Big Crowd to Belle Isle

“Winter lingered in the lap of spring” Sunday. Sunshine that smacked of April and blowing buds and bock beer, was Detroit’s portion most of the day. But the vernal aspect overheard was more than offset by the sluggish temperature and the keen breeze that swept the city, causing pedestrians to forget dreams of Easter clothes, and hoist their overcoat collars higher about their ears.

The brightness of the day brought forth a virtual summer Sunday automobile parade on Woodward avenue. Many of the women motorists flirted with the coming season to the extent of spring hats and modish spring suits. It was observed, though, that these hardy pioneers rode, mostly, in closed machines.

On Belle Isle, King Winter reigned indisputably. One of the largest crowds of the season visited the island to skate or walk. As early as 9 o’clock in the morning the skaters began to arrive. They continued to come until after dark. The canals and lagoons were alive all day with men and maidens taking their last taste of winter sports.

The temperature ranged Sunday from 14 to 32 degrees above zero. For the greater part of the day it hung between 22 and 25. A slight northwest wind persisted.

For Monday Detroit is promised a rise in temperature with unsettled weather and probably rain or snow. This weather comes from the northwest.

From The Detroit Free Press, 6 March 1916

Thompson Leads Skaters

Jim Thompson won the Senior Men’s Class A honors in a special ice-skating meet at Belle Isle that served as a warmup for Michigan indoor championship meet at Olympia March 2.

Mario Trafeli, North American titleholder, did not compete because of illness.

Following are Sunday’s other winners:

SENIOR WOMEN – Lorraine Sabbe.
SENIOR MEN’S CLASS B – Omer De Shepper.
INTERMEDIATE GIRLS – Delores Nicholson
JUNIOR BOYS – Bill Worley.
JUNIOR GIRLS – Doris Springer.
MIDGET BOYS – Dale Brochue and Chester Michalski, tied.
MIDGET GIRLS – Charlotte Mason.
CRADLE BOYS – Pat Stainsby.
CRADLE GIRLS – Joan Lowden.

From The Detroit Free Press, 3 March 1947